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HEPAMOS Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company) is a significant manufacturer of modular facilities and containers. The company was established in 1990 and from the beginning has operated in the steel structure industry. Since 1994, HEPAMOS has specialized in the manufacture of containers.

Since 2005, the company extended its business activity with the complete realization of modular facilities, including the design of the modular construction, obtaining the necessary building permits, the manufacture of modules at the manufacturing plant and the assembly of the facilities at the place of destination.

The manufacturing plant is located in Opatkowice near Proszowice (about 25 km from Kraków) and covers an area of 2.53 ha. The plant includes manufacturing facilities of more than 5,000 m2 in total surface area, storage facilities, office and refreshment rooms as well as large and spacious stacking yards.

The company can rely on a management with many years of experience in the container industry and qualified personnel. The spatious and modern manufacturing facilities ensure on-time completion of all types of contracts, from small-scale to large-scall contracts. This is why we are able to meet both high and diversified customer requirements. 

The company’s philosophy is based on professionalism, excellent quality and performance reliability. This has led to high praises and confidence from our customers throughout many years of activity in the modular building sectorOur customers can always rely on our technical and professional support and on-time completion.

Company Information:
HEPAMOS Sp. z o.o.
32-100 Proszowice, Opatkowice 146
KRS: 0000053294 (National Business Register No.)
NIP: 678-010-00-67 (Tax Identification No.)
REGON: 003916219 (Company Register No.)
Share capital: PLN 200,000.00

Board of Directors:
Chairman: Jacek Paliś

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