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The 20-feet standard containers we produce constitute an office, refreshment and sanitary base for building site facilities. Such facilities can be arranged based on individual stand- alone segments or multi-segment sets in one- or two-row arrangements. When the area designed for facilities is highly restricted, containers can be placed in a 2-storey or even 3- storey arrangement (after reinforcement of the ground floor structure).

In addition to typical building containers, single containers as well as multi-segment sets for other purposes are also available; such containers, for example: technical service containers, gatehouses, commercial and service containers, are made individually to order.
For non-standard containers and multi-segment sets, our representatives will assist you in fulfilling your needs in respect of facility size, functionality, room arrangement and finishing standard.

Container transportation and assembly
Hepamos can provide customers with domestic and foreign transportation. Stand-alone containers are transported in whole and require no assembly. In the case of multi-segment sets, each segment is transported individually. The set is assembled on site by our assembly team.

Parametry techniczne

  • outside width: 2438 mm
  • outside length: 6058 mm
  • outside height: 2600 mm
  • inside height: 2250 mm
  • floor and ceiling spatial frame arrangement
  • steel girder corner pillars
  • joining structure components by welding
  • container corners according to ISO 668
structure anticorrosion protection
  • blast cleaning
  • painted twice with a prime epoxy paint
  • painted twice with a top polyurethane paint
floor layers:
  • outer sheeting – galvanized trapezoidal sheet T-12
  • floor structure filled with mineral wool 100 mm thick
  • OSB-3 board 22 mm thick (in sanitary rooms – Cetris board))
  • finishing – PVC floor lining
flat roof layers:
  • outer sheeting – flat sheet 2.5 mm thick welded to the structure, in pent roof arrangement of ~1% slope towards the shorter wall, with gargoyle drainage
  • roof structure filled with mineral wool 100 mm thick
  • inside cladding – laminated chip board of 18 mm in thickness
walls layers:
  • outer sheeting – coated trapezoidal sheet T-12
  • insulation – mineral wool of 50 mm in thickness
  • inside cladding – laminated chipboard of16 mm in thickness
  • PVC 1-pane, insulated glass units of k=1.1W/m2

entrance doors
  • „90” steel, insulated, in white
interior doors
  • panel, smooth, in white
electrical system
  • 1-phase, 230V, 50 Hz
  • connection power 3 kW
  • general-purpose socket circuit
  • lighting circuit
  • equipment: fuse-board with residual current circuit breaker, junction box, double sockets - 2 pieces per container, glow- discharge tubes 2x36W 2 pieces per container (in sanitary rooms – incandescent lamps 60W)
heating system
  • heating electrical circuit with a socket (plug point)
sanitary system
(in sanitary containers)
  • standard sanitary equipment according to drawing
  • hot water from a volumetric electric heater
  • interior water piping made of PP pipes ended in a wall connector
  • interior sewerage system made of PVC pipes ended in a wall connection
gravitational ventilation
  • ventilation grates
mechanical ventilation
  • as required
outer colors
  • façade sheet – color: white RAL 9002
  • frame – color: blue RAL 5010
  • outside height: 2500 mm
  • equipped with electric heaters, grates, outside roller blinds
  • sanitary equipment - according to customer needs
  • roof drainage in container corners
  • external coloring – according to customer needs


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