baner podstrony1

The typical residential modules are the basis for constructing gatehouses or porter lodges that can be erected in a short time (typically within 3-4 weeks) in the form of a ready-to- use facility. Due to the fast and effective realization, customers are highly interested in modular gatehouses.

Typical module holds the following dimensions:

  • outside width: 2438mm
  • outside length: 6058 mm
  • inside height: 2250 mm (option: 2500 mm)
  • outside height: 2600 mm (option: 2850 mm)

The gatehouses are manufactured to the customer’s needs both in respect to dimensions and finishing components. The gatehouses consisting of “half” of the typical module, i.e. of 3000 mm in outer length, are most commonly built. Depending on the request, the gatehouse can be fitted with a sanitary unit – and then is usually made with an outside length of 4000 mm.

Gatehouses can be manufactured:

  • in standard (cheaper version) – as building containers
  • in enhanced standard – as modular buildings



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