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TELETECHNICAL CONTAINERS within the “Internet for Mazowsze” project

(realization 2014)

Within the “INTERNET FOR MAZOWSZE” project, P.W.Hepamos is manufacturing and providing the delivery and assembly of the WS-A and WS-B type of teletechnical containers for backbone networks.The containers are delivered along with full installations and equipment: the electrical installation with a power supply unit, air conditioning, fire warning and alarm system, burglary and attack warning system, a generating unit and cabinets, used for the installation of passive devices and active backbone and distribution networks and for external operators.

The multimedia presentation of the teletechnical container:


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(realization 2013)

From April to November 2013, Hepamos, as the official subcontractor, executed the public tender task under the title of “Expansion of the MSWiA Specialised Hospital in Otwock aimed at adjusting the wards of addiction therapy and medical rehabilitation to the requirements of the law.”

The superstructure of the second storey of the rehabilitation pavilion, with an area of over 700 m2, was executed with modular buildings ,along with the complete finishing and all installations which are indispensable for the functioning of a hospital branch.


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SMOKE CHAMBER in Kościelec

(realization 2012)

This project included preliminary land preparation along with outside connections and manufacture, delivery and assembly of a smoke chamber facility. The facility has a usable area of approximately 115 m2 and is situated in Kościelec near Kraków at the training center of the Kraków Fire Service College. It is equipped with specialized devices and indoor installations. The smoke chamber is designed for a wide range of efficiency and agility exercises for firemen.

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PHARMACY in Warsaw

(realization 2011)

In 2011, Hepamos made a commercial facility for pharmaceutical functions in a modular system. This is a bungalow with a usable area of about 130 m2 located at the premises of the Jesus Child Clinical Hospital in Warsaw on Lindley Street. The building was approved by the Historical Preservation Officer. The interior rooms are fitted with electrical, water, sewerage and mechanical ventilation systems.




(realization 2009)

This task covered a land preparation, including outside connections, foundations, construction of rescue team pavilion and administration and technical facility and modernization of the existing canopy. The building has an area of about 400 m2 and was built as a modular facility equipped with necessary interior installations: electrical, teletechnical, water, sewerage, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

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(realization 2009)

Comprehensive realization of delivery and assembly of a permanent office building designed for employees of the Kraków Heat and Power Station along with design preparation and gaining necessary administrative decisions. The 2-storey building has a usable area of about 1300 m2 and was constructed by using modular technology and was equipped with indoor installations: electrical, teletechnical, firefighting, mechanismsheating, water, sewerage, ventilation and air conditioning.

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(realization 2008)

By order of a German company, Hepamos made modules at its manufacturing plant in Opatkowice near Kraków, and then delivered and conducted the final assembly of one wing of a kindergarten pavilion in Paderborn, Germany. The project was completed within the scope of expanding the existing kindergarten building. The new kindergarten wing, excellently illuminated with daylight due to the use of a large-area façade glazing, creates a very friendly, warm and homelike climate for children.

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(realizacje 2004, 2007, 2008, 2012)

Hepamos, as an experienced container manufacturer, executed several contracts for the delivery of folding residential and sanitary containers for the needs of the Polish Army, and other container facilities for the Ministry of Defence, Department of Procurement of Armed Forces in Warsaw, Military Property Agency in Warsaw, and the Regional Management of Infrastructure in Kraków. Our containers constituted the residential-sanitary base for the Polish military detachment in Iraq and Chad. They are also used for domestic military ranges. In 2012 they also appeared on the film set of a war TV series entitled “Mission Afghanistan” produced and broadcasted by Canal+. In 2007, Hepamos also realized the delivery of residential containers to Tebnine for Lebanese people under the contract for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Department of Development Cooperation in Warsaw.

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List of companies belonging to the group of our customers:

  • Strabag Polska Warszawa
  • Budimex Warszawa
  • Mostostal Kraków
  • Warbud Warszawa
  • Budokor Warszawa
  • Dromex Warszawa
  • Polska Miedź Polkowice
  • PeBeKa Lubin
  • Hochtief Kraków
  • Mitex Kielce
  • N.V. Besix Warszawa
  • BMTI Polska Pruszków
  • Naftobudowa Kraków
  • Berger Bau Wrocław
  • Lot Catering Balice
  • Novatek Wola Żydowska
  • Coca Cola Niepołomice
  • Carlsberg Polska Warszawa
  • Derbit Bielsko-Biała
  • Bilfinger Berger Polska Warszawa
  • PZU Kraków
  • Nowoczesne Produkty Aluminiowe Skawina
  • MPK Kraków
  • SB Systembau Niemcy
  • Bouygues Polska Warszawa
  • Tadmar Kraków
  • Braas Niemcy
  • PUKiD Kraków
  • BP Polska Kraków
  • Hen-Bud Lublin
  • Drewex Kraków
  • Best Construction Rzeszów
  • Stalbiznes Kraków
  • Krakowskie Zakłady Eksploatacji Kruszywa
  • Samodzielny Publiczny ZOZ Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe Warszawa
  • Karmar S.A. Warszawa
  • Bürkle Kąty Wrocławskie
  • Skalski Kraków
  • SPS Construction Kielce
  • MPWiK Kraków
  • Donnelley Polish American Printing Company Kraków
  • PRZ Kraków
  • Depenbrock Polska Poznań
  • oraz wiele innych