+48 12 645 16 15hepamos@hepamos.com.pl P.W. Hepamos Sp. z o.o. Opatkowice 146, 32-100 Proszowice


ADDRESS: Kościelec 133, 32-100 Proszowice

INVESTOR: Szkoła Aspirantów Państwowej Straży Pożarnej w Krakowie os. Zgody 18, 31-951 Kraków

In 2011, the Hepamos company designed and carried out a seasonal accommodation facility for the cadets of the Aspirant School. The two-storey building includes external staircases, accommodation rooms, kitchens and washrooms. The total surface is approx. 350m2. The object was protected by paint coatings complying with applicable requirements – fire resistance R60. The building was carried out with complete internal installations:

  • wiring
  • water pipes
  • sewage system
  • heating

The facility meets all the technical conditions required in social buildings.

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