+48 12 645 16 15hepamos@hepamos.com.pl P.W. Hepamos Sp. z o.o. Opatkowice 146, 32-100 Proszowice


ADDRESS: Kraków, Gdańsk, Katowice, Wrocław,
Poznań, Warszawa

INVESTOR: StepCloser S.A. ul. Ignacego Domejki 2, 30-066 Kraków

In 2016, our company carried out modern mobile sales pavilions. The facilities were set up in several Polish cities to promote various products. Thanks to the use of significant glazing, elevations of HPL slabs and “light breakers”, the building gained an attractive external design. The object included complete internal installations, such as:

  • wiring
  • water pipes
  • air-conditioning
  • heating

The facility meets all the technical conditions required in exhibition pavilions.

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