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ADDRESS: Opatkowice 146, 32-100 Proszowice

INVESTORP.W. Hepamos Sp. z o.o.
Opatkowice 146, 32-100 Proszowice

In 2016, our company designed and made a modern office building consisting of 5 modules with a total surface of approx. 90m2. These new headquarters are located in the vicinity of the production hall. In addition to rooms for employees, the head office has a toilet, a kitchen and a conference room. The facility was connected to external networks and made with complete internal installations:

  • wiring
  • water pipes
  • sewage system
  • air-conditioning
  • heating
  • mechanical ventilation

The facility meets all the technical requirements for office buildings. Currently, design works to expand the facility, which is planned in 2019, are underway.

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