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INVESTOR: Skarb Państwa: Komendant Szkoły Aspirantów Państwowej Straży Pożarnej w Krakowie
os. Zgody 18, 31-951 Kraków

In 2012, our company made a modular smoke chamber in Koscielec. The usable surface was approx. 115m2. The investment was located on the grounds of the polygon base of the Krakow State Fire Service Aspirant School. This building is used to implement a wide range of performance and fitness exercises for firefighters. Specialized equipment and external connections were installed. The object included complete internal installations, such as:

  • wiring
  • water pipes
  • sewage system
  • heating

In addition to the smoke chamber made in Koscielec, we also participated in the implementation of chambers in:

  • Krośnie
  • Warszawie
  • Ełku
  • Olsztynie

The facilities meet all the technical conditions required in specialist smoke chambers and contain complete training equipment.

Below are the links to the photos from selected projects:

Source: http://www.kmkrosno.itl.pl/index.php?go=site&id=700&sw=0

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